A Single Light

A Single Light

Publication Date: 17 Feb 2016
Odyssey Books

ISBN 9781922200464

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When Rick Hendry is contacted by a federal agent to help investigate a growing number of mysterious vanishings across Australia, he finds himself immersed in a world where normal is a very narrow view of reality. The two men are joined by a doctor, an archeologist, a journalist, anda hunter. They soon discover that in the bush, south of Sydney, among the beach goers, walkers and picnickers, a menace grows. The mysterious Bledray monsters are preparing for a Gathering; a feast of epic proportions. Only the AfflÌ_r Hunter and Guardians can stop them, but their strength is failing and humans are needed to help prevent a second holocaust. A Single Light is an urban fantasy tale of ghoulish monsters and non-human protectors battling to save humanity amid the spectacular and rugged landscapes of the Royal National Park south of Sydney.